• If You're Groovy And You Know It Clap Your Hands

    If you look around you will see these SIJF "threads" (old school for "clothes") in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby and Tappen BC, in Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, London, Cyprus, and beyond (no kidding) ... "round, round, get around, we get around ..." (to quote The Beach Boys). Strangely we've had to do a second run of our "Jammer Wear"  ...  so groovy  ;-)

  • A banner year for the band

    It's been a banner year for the band ... we had a 4' x 6' (1.22m x 1.83m) SIJF banner made!  It's a pretty sophisticated stroke of marketing genius that got us to that, but with a group like this you get use to the tidal wave of great ideas that come in LOL. We love the banner because it's "old school"  ... and we're into that ;-)  We expect to be displaying the banner at the gigs we play. We tweaked the logo by pulling the text out of the winged cog so that we could use a large font. This version of the logo will be used beyond this banner; watch for it showing up in interesting places ;-) 


  • Logos Launched

    Our band is delighted to announce that Randy has created a logo that will be appearing throughtout the website, on merchandise, tattooed on our butts, spray painted on walls by fanclub members, and most likely will also be incorporated into the coats of arms of most civilized (and some not so civilized) countries around the world!

    We've already done our first batch of merch t-shirts and hoodies and were really happy with how they turned out. We expect to have these (and other SIJF branded merchandise) available through our website and for sale at our gigs. Keep your eyes open.

  • Live and Raw Recordings

    For the time being we have decided to use very simple, live and raw audio recordings to show you what we are up to. So, what is this "Live and Raw" stuff and why would we run with that?

    The Live and Raw thing is simple, really, really simple. We put a small recorder (Zoom Handy H1 pictured above) in the centre of the room and then we push the record button and start to play, when our song is done we push the record button again and it stops recording, we then post the recording and we are done!  Yep, no click track, no quantizing, no auto-tune, no balancing left and right, no mixing, no hocus pocus, and most importantly, no Kryptonite!  We use this simple method because it captures an unadulterated reality ... and let's face it, the world needs more of that LOL.  And, the flip side is when you end up falling down the deep dark Production and Mixing hole that leads you to the processed meat of music  :-0

    Now, that digital magic stuff is awesome and has a place and eventually we'll get some uber-processed and spifified (ya, I made up that word) music for you, in the meantime enjoy Live and Raw!

    Shady Island Jammers,  over and out   ;-)