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Great Music – Check out these recordings

It is an honour to curate and play the magnificent music that so many talented artists have left us. We love becoming “one” with those great tunes, respecting their authenticity and what they mean to our audience. Are we “channelling” a band when playing their music? Absolutely, and we do that with respect while bringing passion, energy and our expression to the music. We love reading the room (we’re good at it) and delivering the perfect music at the right moment. For us nothing is more fun than watching our audience come alive when we perform.

Check out the live and raw recordings by clicking on the links below. These are a small taste of what's going on as we assemble sets for our live performances. Many of the audio recordings are done with a small hand held recorder and all audio & video recordings are recorded live off the floor. With this you get the real goods; no crazy overprocessing silliness ;-)

Now park your butt, put on some good headphones and click the links below ... so groovy baby. It's such an honour to give these tunes a whirl  ;-) For a list of some of the music we play click here.



Cool mind expanding music!