Shady Island Jam Factory

Where "Groovy" Never Went Out of Style

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Whether it is getting everybody out of their seats and onto the dance floor at your corporate event, wedding or a local pub, or whether it is creating the smooth ambiance in a martini bar, jazz lounge or restaurant, Shady Island Jam Factory can deliver.


Founded by drummer and sax player Randy Giles in January 2018, we are a particularly groovy, dynamic and talented cover band from Metro Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. We bring passion, experience and great music to the stage. From Classic Rock, Pop and Blues to Funk, R&B, Soul, Jazz Standards and more, we have the versatility and ability to connect with, hold and entertain an audience.


Planning an event? Looking for the right band? We can help. For booking information you can contact us directly Click Here

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What's Going On?

We are currently working on audio and video recordings that are being posted to this website. We are also working on two other very cool missions: The Classic Great Sets Project (Rock, R&B, Blues, Soul, Funk & Pop) and The Martini Bar / Jazzy Lounge Sets Project. With both projects we have got some fantastic songs ready to go and we are closing in on the rest.