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We have had a lot of fun recording videos (some in Hi-Fi Stereo no less!) all are "live off the floor" in our studio as well as at live concerts. We had fun exploring the genius of the Beatles' 1969 hit "Don't Let Me Down", the magic of Bobby Hebb's 1963 "Sunny", Mike Shapiro's "Spooky" originally from 1968 but reborn many times as various stars rerecorded it, and Gary Wright's 1975 super hit "Love is Alive" ! From there we revisited 1969 with the chart topping "Venus" by Dutch rock band Shocking Blue and Al Green's 1972 smooth love song "Let's Stay Together" so very cool! 

We even poked through our archives, dug out and posted "The Thrill is Gone" which is one of our original "Live and Raw" garage recordings ... I can hear BB King's voice wispering in my ear "nicely done, thanks for keeping it real"  ... and if you listen carefully I am pretty sure BB will speak to you too  ;-)


After those we had fun playing with Hot Chocolate's 1977, dance your butt off piece "Everyone's a Winner" I can't sit still when I hear that one. And who can pass up a great love song (or two), certainly not us. We were reminiscing about love songs from the 70s and came up with the Little River Band's summer 1978 "Reminiscing" ... how cool is that! We then jumped a decade to 1998 when Sixpence None The Richer put out their single "Kiss Me" We enjoyed recording that ... now that's a pretty tune. We continue to add more videos of us playing the music we love.


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